Your Dream, Our Vision

Our Vision at Dream Yard Hardscape Design is to create beautiful backyards that you, your family and friends will look forward to each day.

We know you work hard and we believe you deserve a special place to relax and unwind.  Whether it is a patio, fire pit, brick oven, waterfall or hardscape around your pool, we will make your dreams come true.

Your Dream, Our Vision

So many options to make your dreams come true…

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Instantly create a space where your family and friends can enjoy being outdoors. A built-in fire pit or outdoor fireplace is the perfect place to stay warm together.

Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos provide the perfect coverage for your outdoor living space. We design and create the perfect setting to relax, entertain or just unwind from the day.

Decks and Pavers

Walkways, patios, driveways and pavers enhance the appeal of your home and pull the entire outdoor look together. Decks provide the functionality and gathering place for your family.

Water Features and Outdoor Lighting

Water designs, such as ponds and waterfall,s and outdoor lighting create an ambiance that turns your backyard into a peaceful nighttime escape. Outdoor lighting provides functionality and beauty.

Outdoor Living and Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens and brick ovens help you bring the family outdoors and offer the perfect space to entertain. Your imagination and our design can make that dream come true.

Patios and Retaining Walls

Your patio can be as unique as you and help you bring the functionality of indoors to the outdoors. Retaining walls, while functional, can also be the perfect backdrop to  display nature’s beauty.